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Head over to ATCN where the catablog of music has started. So far we have dug up some classics from A- F and todays classics were my favourite so far…a rappin shaq, some fugees and mr 5 thorough borough Foxx. come check it here and add your favourites. yes yes ya’ll


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So my holiday begins at 12.30 today….easter. 2 weeks. no kids. bliss. Though I shall be stuck in a library writing a masters assignment, this will be sprinkled with golf, some photography projects and a cheeky trip to norfolk. The line-up for the big chill was announced yesterday and my GAAAARRRD I can’t wait…massive attack, M.I.A, roy ayers…the list is extensive and to celebrate I bought a new tent yesterday. HARRRRD! to get myself into the holiday mood…lets head nod some innit.

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