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Scottish artist, Robert Montgomery, has been spreading his poetry across advertising billboards for the last 10 years in his trademark white font/black background style. To herald his new show at KK Outlet in East London, he’s created a series of 3 large billboard poems on Old Street, which reference the moral failure of capitalism, the concerns of the Occupy movement, and new ideas of freedom in the city. The show opened on February 3rd and will continue until February 25th. To read a short interview with the artist/poet about his work, check out this article in The Independent. Thanks to POPSHOT for this one


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But I said…’Dad, Giggs is a breast man AND he rates arses

He says allow being a wasteman son and get yourself to classes.

Im late again.


The council says I gotta go to school on the daily

The council doesn’t know shit and the teachers try and play me.

Sir is on a gassman ting.


Apparently I got problems, behavioural and emotional.

Apparently my borough got problems cos im seen as antisocial.

Keeps me Grounded.


I live my life through my Ipod

Giggs, Ghetts and skepta provide the bounce to my soulless kickers.

They worn out.


I get to school and sit dreamin as the Bunsen burner flickers

Looking for some answers in the flames but I get a flickering fuck all.

What prospects


Teachers aint got a clue what to do with me

What the fuck they shouting for, I just wanna jam you see.

Real talk

 They think im being rude because I kiss my teeth and chew

But I have already seen enough aggression today, hence why im different kind of blue.

Just Move on bruv.


Dad shouts, my brother shouts and its too damn loud.

My volume is felt through my fists.

Trying to channel this anger


But today I just want some peace.

Ur mum he says, don’t get me started…..

Allow the hype


They ask why im angry, is it because I miss my mum

Whats going on at home, what is it they don’t know?

Experts my ass


That in a box of a flat 6 to the bed we sleep.

Head to toe. No room to grow

Im cramped inside.


Im a coiled spring ready to release

Allow the screwface fam you don’t want none of this…

Double English…Fuck that…im going home

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Popshot magazine presents an afternoon and evening of poetry, zine making and screenprinting (courtesy of PRINT CLUB LONDON) at the rather brilliant ROUGH TRADE EAST in Brick Lane on Wednesday 21st July. With the gigantic support and organisation of the prolific CLINIC PRESENTS, the event will run from 3pm – 9pm with poetry starting at 7ish, so get there early if you can. Readings are courtesy of Roddy Lumsden, Annie Katchinska (Faber), Oli Hazzard, Olly Todd, David Tait, Amy De’ath and the Clinic poets. If you dont know about popshot magazine you to fix up sharp, it is a fantastic poetry and illustration magazine that is produced quarterly. Check them out here

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